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Party Poker Bonus Code, Sign Up and Deposit Promotion
TightPoker is the oldest and largest Party Poker resource on the internet. We have the best and most exclusive party poker bonus codes and we're proud to offer you an incredible sign up bonus. You can sign up today with any of the special Party Poker bonus codes listed on this page and start enjoying these great benefits including entry into our $6,000 monthly freeroll. If you have any questions about the bonuses, please refer below to our Party Poker Bonus Code FAQ, which is listed below.
Bonus Code Description Exclusive Expiration $6,000 freeroll entry
VIPCODE $25 bonus (most popular code) YES No Expiration YES
TP500 100% extra (up to $500) YES No Expiration YES
TightPoker is able to offer you exclusive Party Poker bonus codes because of our special relationship with the team at Party Poker and many other poker sites. By signing up with Tight Poker, you get free access to dozens of poker articles specifically geared towards Party Poker, step by step online poker guides, live videos teaching you how to play poker and strategy advice from our 20,000+ member strong poker forum. We're not called the "Party Poker Strategy Guide" for nothing, as our goal is to help you become a winning player at Party Poker.

To use a bonus code, simply type in the code of your choice into the form where it says, "If you have a Sign Up Bonus, please enter it here". Below is a screen shot of the new account form where you would type it in. If you haven't already downloaded Party Poker's software, visit PartyPoker.com to download and install the software first.
In addition to the great bonuses, you will also be eligible to play in exclusive private $6,000 freerolls each and every month! These freerolls are open to anyone who has signed up for Party Poker through Tight Poker and played at least 100 Party Points in the previous calendar month. The monthly freeroll is held on the 3rd Saturday at 3pm EST. That means if you were to earn 100 Party Points in November, you would be allowed to play in the $6,000 freeroll held on the 3rd Saturday in December. The freeroll is going to be available each and every month -- indefinitely. This is a great value for all TightPoker Party Poker players.

All of the codes here are fresh and active, unless specifically noted. Be warned that Party Poker bonus codes will expire if they are inactive or used improperly, so only use codes that you find from reputable sites. Tight Poker is the leading authority for Party Poker and we guarantee that our codes are good indefinitely. We have dedicated employees who review our codes on a daily basis and communicate with Party Poker to ensure that the $6,000 freeroll happens smoothly each and every month.

Party Poker Bonus Codes FAQ

How many people use Party Poker bonus codes via Tight Poker?
If you're wondering about the freeroll competition, it's actually quite light. If you're worried that you aren't a good poker tournament player, don't worry! This site has tons of articles on how to play at Party Poker and in tournaments and can easily give you the edge on many of your opponents. In addition, very few people actually show up to the Tight Poker $6,000 freeroll. Here are some recent stats on the freeroll from the last few months:
Month Players Qualifiers
October 2008 91 365
September 2008 63 350
August 2008 68 349
July 2008 70 393
June 2008 63 481
May 2008 53 433
April 2008 78 529
March 2008 22 570
Average 63.5 Free $94.50 - Every month!!

As you can see, the freeroll competition is not that big. Over the last eight months, an average of 63.5 players have been in the freeroll -- although many more qualified. For some reason, a lot of people don't even bother showing up! Use that to your advantage and be sure to play in the Tight Poker freeroll every month. At an average of 63.5 players and a $6,000 prize pool, on average that's around $94.50 being given to every TightPoker player -- every month!

Why does Party Poker offer these bonuses?
Good question. Party Poker doesn't offer bonuses on their normal homepage, but does offer certain partner sites like us special promotions to help promote their brand. Tight Poker is one of these such sites and has been working with Party Poker for many years now, which is why we can offer you special bonuses.

Am I really going to get $25 or up to $500 free simply for signing up?
You WILL get a bonus provided that you meet two normal requirements. First, you do need to sign up for a real money account at Party Poker, which requires that you deposit at least $50. Second, after you deposit, you need to play 125 hands in order to release your bonus. If you signed up using the 100% up to $500 deposit bonus however, you will need to earn 8 Party Points for each $1 in bonus money. Also, the bonus will be released into your cash account in 10 increments (ie, a $500 bonus will be released in increments of $50 for 400 Party Points) and you will have 120 days to clear your bonus.

Can you please define what "clearing" is?
Clearing is a term that essentially means your bonus cash will be released into your money account once it has "cleared" the requirements of the site. Almost all of the major poker sites work on a type of clearing system to award bonuses, in order to prevent poker players from abusing the system. Basically, the site would like you to play and try out their software before releasing the bonus money into your account for withdrawal or further play. Party Poker bonuses are actually some of the easiest promotions to clear.

How about the exclusive private $6,000 freeroll listed in the bonus codes above?
The freeroll is held once a month and is a private $6,000 freeroll tournament limited only to players who signed up through Tight Poker and have earned 100 Party Points in the previous calendar month. You may play in an unlimited number of freerolls, as long as you are completing the required hands each month. The freerolls are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 3pm EST.

Can I sign up multiple accounts using your bonus codes to play in more than one tournament?
Sorry, but you cannot do this. You can only open one real money account with Party Poker at a time, with the exception of husband and wife accounts. In order to do that however, you need to contact their support and have special exceptions made by sending in proper documentation and proof.

Can I use more than one Party Poker bonus at one time?
Unfortunately, you can't do this either. We've actually negotiated with Party to give you the best possible bonuses we can get, so we hope you'll be happy with this offer of cash and freeroll vs essentially nothing that Party Poker gives you directly for signing up. Not to mention, we also provide you with an exclusive eBook Guide on how to play poker.

How about Party Poker deposit codes, do you have any of these?
We used to publish deposit codes, but Party Poker has since changed the way they give out deposit bonuses. Their current method, is that they give out unique deposit codes for each user, which prevent users from sharing deposit codes with one another. So unfortunately, while we can share new user sign up bonus codes, we have no deposit codes to share. (Well, technically we do, but they won't work for you- but you get the idea.)

Tell me more about your eBook Poker Guide that you are offering
For a previous competition on Tight Poker (aka the Party Poker Strategy Guide), we had a number of our members write up poker articles for the site. One of those articles was so long and so good, that we decided to turn it into an eBook. It's been modified and touched up to look nice, so we're happy to offer it to our visitors as a free present for coming by our site.

For more details on Party Poker, visit our Party Poker review.
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